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Can you spare 15 minutes to view a video that might make a critical difference to the lives of thousands of kids and adults with autism?

Don't worry. This is NOT a lead in to any kind of offer. It is just important information about ASD and 'brain based' learning that I want to share.

Thank you in advance for your time and attention.

If this presentation strikes a chord with you, please pass it on to others, because it is very important that we start taking action now to help our autistic relatives, friends and students.

Every individual with autism needs at least one supportive partner, preferably a team of supportive partners, who can help them build the personal memories that will foster dynamic neural connections. These supportive partners will need to be educated and they will need to be special people. They will also need to be paid well for the important work they do.

When those with autism turn 22 and enter into group homes, we can no longer afford to just hire care takers. We need to hire educators. We need to staff our programs with the very best and pay them accordingly. The tremendous cost in loss of potential of not doing so is almost to great to contemplate.

On the other hand, if we do this right, if we get supportive partners in place across the board and let them do their jobs, the savings in the long run will more than make up for the outlay over the next few years. Because, if we start implementing "brain based" learning in autism classrooms now, making sure that every autistic child that needs one has a supportive partner, there will be much less need for adult programs in the years ahead.

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If you'd prefer a slide show version, so that you can control the pacing of each slide, we have one for you below.

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Feel free to leave constructive comments and feedback on our blog.



Below are links to the pdf versions of this important information. You are more than welcome to take them and pass them along to whomever you think would appreciate the information.


Click here to view the pictorial version - 84 pages.

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Click here to view the printable version - 7 pages - no images.

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